Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Nibiru, Time Travel, Binary Solar System, Magick, Mystery Schools, Intelligence Agencies | Aug. 7, 2016

Source: leakproject.com, richardalanmiller.com

Topics discussed:
Time Travel, How to talk with your future self, What does Magick, Physics, Mystery Schools and Alphabet agencies have in common. Zero Point Energy. Doc Ram says almost all solar systems are Binary with a blackhole in the center that leads to a white hole in another galaxy. Doc Ram also describes the creation of time cavitation & super cavitation in such an eloquent and fluid manner almost anyone can understand.

Dr. Richard Allan Miller then brings up Nibiru and why it is so dificult to pick up with a traditional telescope and is, because it has a unique infrared signature that isn’t correct.

He also claims the poles and earth have shifted and we are living in the hottest times on Earth on record reaching 164’ heat index in Iran last year. What does NASA and other institutions see on the horizon for earth in the next couple years with the geographical changes and severe weather patterns?
Wait until you hear the hypothesis Doc Ram has about Nibiru, this might blow your mind.
How about the RH - blood factor? Could ET be hiding in plain site?
Is there a War going on inside each of us at the molecular level?
What are our options at Physical Death? Would you follow the light tunnel or go into the light?
What is synchronicity? What is the Afterlife? Is Magick with a K real, not just stage magic? What is Magick? How does one become a true Magi? Is Magick Evil, or is it the intent of those casting the energetic forces?
Hermetics, what is real what is illusion, his answer might shock you.
A.I software, Jade Helm 2.0 then 3.0 - API Biofeedback, Grey Goo
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