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Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans are joined by Elisa E., who was exploited as an MPD (multiple personality disorder) slave by government, military, intelligence, religious, and corporate institutions; inwardly, that exploitation was mirrored by a soul-devouring, eons-old cross-dimensional species dedicated to hybridizing and cloning human beings.

The “black tech” that fragmented her mind was administered by an elite bloodline network of minions and perpetrators enslaved for centuries by these malevolent beings. She has repeatedly encountered demi-gods, Nephilim, and Archons in the altered consciousness of trauma-based mind kontrol programming and in full waking consciousness.

We discuss: the dark technology, both physical and spiritual, that is being applied to everyone and everything; sending us into transhumanism at an ever increasing pace. She shares information about some of the black tech that she has experienced and how it is affecting all of us.

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