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Dr. Richard Alan Miller, PH.D. - Call for help

I received this eMail from Richard asking for help. He is under attack and reaching out to radio audiences.

"I am under serious attack, and not sure why or whom? it is coming from all fronts, especially my websites and book sales. something VERY strange has happened to me.... my site was hacked and down for almost 8 days. thanks to Ed Marvinney, it is now back up and running. but.... i have not had a book order for ten days. "to make things worse, Amazon (normally double in sales) has also not shown a single order for the same period.

when called , they say everything is working fine. i have received orders daily from Amazon for six year, until now, and now nothing... this is my only source for incomes, and have no reserves. now not sure what to do. to make matters worse, the Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture is now out in e-book format = and yet, have not sold one single copy - how does that work? any ideas or direction to go would be most helpful right now. this has stopped my ability to write, and am facing deep depression. not sure what to do at this moment. suggestions are welcome. by the way, Ed says the reason my site went down was that i was receiving more than 5,000 views per day - again, with no sales or supporting e-mail.

"I need to do some immediate radio to help get me out of the mess i currently find myself... i am under serious attack, and not sure who or why. it may be from the discovery i made . There is now at least 2 D-Wave AIs now running themselves (no handlers) - this has implications beyond the BS of politics and world "situations."

Rick -Feet to the Fire Radio

Contrary to what one might think, Richard Miller does not have a fat government retirement, but is actually living day by day with various short term research projects, speaking/teaching engagements and sales of his book. Richard has started a Go-FundMe campaign to help release much of his work over the years, including, his actual, original papers in the formation of, what is now, the Navy Seals. Interesting helping and receiving historical and groundbreaking information from Dr. Richard Alan Miller? -Feet to the Fire Radio

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