Newsbud | Russia Claims Horrendous Pentagon Cover-Up in the Battle for Mosul | Nov. 13, 2016


Extensive U.S. Casualties Unreported in the U.S. Media
In the sixth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the front page articles from three Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Izvestia, and Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

He examines whether the election of Donald Trump will be a good news for the Russian economy and speculates that Vladimir Putin's ally Nikolai Patrushev might be the new Russian prime minister. He also covers the reports from the Russian military intelligence sources that the U.S. military suffered extensive casualties in the battle for Mosul in Iraq, which so far have not been reported by any U.S. mass media outlets.

Is this the case of a horrendous cover-up? Lastly, Prof. Kovacevic chronicles the recent efforts of the Russian Historical Society to combat the attempts to re-write the Russian history in a negative, revisionist manner by the NATO-Allied European, U.S. academics and politicians.
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