Sofia Smallstorm interviews Randy Maugans | A.I. vs. Multi-dimensional Consciousness | Nov. 6, 2016


"Randy Maugans' background in I.T. has given him great insights into the technology-addicted Smart world we are in these days. What I term the "2D" world is taking over 3D or physical space by offering us its immersive technology.

Randy and I discuss Strong A.I. (artificial intelligence that acts human) and much more in this show; the fact is, he reminds us, that our consciousness is multidimensional, and by increasingly interacting with this computer world we are risking the possibility of locking it into a place we might not be able to escape from. (This gave me chills!) 2D is constantly pushing content at us, and we are requesting and consuming this. We must realize what we are consenting to, says Randy." -Sofia Smallstorm
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