George Webb | Dyncorp Harvest and Why Killing is Good Business | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


This is an all-encompassing interview ranging from CIA's Dyncorp, the organ harvesting and trafficking, child and sex trafficking, who is in charge, Haiti, the Clinton and Bush families, and much more. George Webb is going where hardly anyone goes. We must commend him for his great investigative work. George has agreed to return in the future to discuss much more.

Computer software salesman turned citizen journalist explores the hidden world of US covert operations by a little known company named DynCorp. His investigation, which started as a probe into the Clinton Foundation and the disappearance of their ex-CEO Eric Braverman, has turned up many leads on the missing $6.5 Trillion of the US Treasury including black budgets for the Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, and 27 other Federal agencies.
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