Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option in Asia | Mar. 8, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option for Korea..and Blood: The ISIS Promise for China. And the world’s ultimate WMD.

First, The United States is publicly and painfully grappling with its North Korea policy options: war or negotiations - when you get down to it, peace is the enemy of US influence in Asia. Then, ISIS vowed a Chinese bloodbath. And finally, on a less than lighter note, the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction in the world is not the atomic bomb, or VX nerve agent. It’s...

Show Notes:
Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles
Lotte’s development in China should come to an end
ISIL video threatens China with ‘rivers of bloodshed’
CDC concerned by H9N7 bird flu’s sudden spread in China
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