Dane Wigington | The Threats We Face: Q & A | GeoengineeringWatch.org | June 8, 2017

Source: GeoengineeringWatch.org

If the human race is to have any chance of long term survival, there are critical issues that must be fully exposed and dealt with. Raising community awareness about critical issues is a process. Societal programming, normalcy bias and groupthink ideologies take time to break down.

There are countless ways to fuel the flames of the waking up process, but consistently sharing hard hitting front-line verifiable data is key. Organizing regular community informative documentary film screenings with subsequent question and answer sessions are an effective way of helping people to see and understand the converging catastrophes we collectively face.

In Redding, California, just such an effort has been ongoing, my deepest gratitude to all the activists and individuals who have assisted with the organization of these community awareness raising events. The 16 minute video is an excerpt from one such recent Redding event. -GeoengineeringWatch.org
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