Dane Wigington | Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Sept. 2, 2017

Source: GeoengineeringWatch.org

The great unraveling is picking up momentum by the day. While Americans are reeling from the manipulated Hurricane Harvey cataclysm, Hurricane Irma approaches. Will Irma be utilized by the weather makers to inflict yet more decimation to US populations?

While all of mainstream media focuses on the flooding, the Western US is incinerating. The flooding or frying scenario is playing out all over the globe, but, again, corporate media is not covering what is unfolding. How many heard anything about the South Asia flooding that has already killed 1200? While the majority of the masses are still distracted by the constantly orchestrated political theater, our planet is imploding.

What can each and every one of us do to make a difference? How many are willing to actually try? If not now, then when? If we arm ourselves with credible and compelling data to pass on to others, and ask them to do the same, we could yet reach a critical mass of awareness in time to alter the outcome. Isn’t that our responsibility? We owe our lives to the children, to the web of life, make your voice heard. -GeoengineeringWatch.org
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