Aaron Franz | The Age Of Transitions | Vinny Eastwood Show | Oct. 30 , 2017

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, theageoftransitions.com

The Truth Can Be Polarizing,
With Such Extremes Of Left And Right
Is It Any Wonder Why The Truth Movement Seems Dead?

In This Episode:
We talk about the importance of open dialogue,
Why relaxing and keeping an open mind may be the best defense against charlatans,
Whether they be main stream or in the Alt Media,
Fake news & Alternative truth have become loaded terms,
As if somehow the truth has taken someones side,
However, the truth doesn't care what anyone thinks.
The fact is that your own ideas and dreams are the most important thing in the universe,
And if everyone is able to do their own thing without hurting each other, it's an ideal situation.
When people came into this movement,
They thought it'd all be about truth,
& that they can win against the liars within a few years,
But they realise soon enough,
That this war has been going on for eternity, and they need to dedicate their lives, fortunes and forbears to this fight,
For most, that's too much sacrifice,
As a result, I've seen many people in this movement come and go over the years.
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