New World Next Week | Your "Smart" TV is a Privacy Dumpster Fire | Feb. 15, 2018


Story #1: Israel Police Recommend Charging Netanyahu With Bribery
Most Israelis Consider Benjamin Netanyahu Corrupt, But He Is Still Climbing In The Polls
What Would Netanyahu’s Case 1000 Trial Look Like?
The Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring
The Lorde Saga: The Consequences of Boycotting Israel
Al Qaeda Leader Praises Israeli Strike On Syria

Story #2: UK's Oxfam Faces More Pressure After New Report of Sex Abuse By Aid Workers
Oxfam Could Lose Funding Over Allegations It Exploited Disaster Victims for Sex

Story #3: Your 'Smart' TV Remains A Privacy & Security Dumpster Fire
Consumer Reports: Samsung and Roku Smart TVs Vulnerable to Hacking
The House That Spied on Me
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