Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | The Great Decoupling: America Sidelined in Asia | May 2, 2017


When America was dominant in Asia, American hegemony and Asian security were pretty much synonymous, not necessarily in a good way. By exercising its hegemonic power, the United States determined the content and direction of the Asian security debate.

But now it’s the Great Decoupling! US pursuit of hegemony and Asia’s pursuit of security are diverging. To keep it simple: Asia for the Asians! Start with Korea: America is on the outside looking in as the peace process rolls on.

And, in an unexpected development, India’s Narendra Modi and China’s Xi Jinping make very, very nice as they agree to disagree over Pakistan and envision a post-American Afghanistan.

It’s a scary time for American influence in Asia, and America isn’t liking it. And Australia and Japan, two countries that have hitched their foreign policy to the star of US centrality, are liking it even less.

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