New World Next Week | Vox Advocates Drugging the Water Supply | Nov. 1, 2018


Story #1: Trump Taps Ex-Monsanto Executive To Lead Wildlife Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Aurelia Skipwith
Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell
Judge Upholds Monsanto Verdict But Cuts Award To $78 Million
Update: Monsanto May Get New Trial On Punitive Damages

Story #2: Researchers Still Want To Put Lithium In The Water Supply To Prevent Suicide
Wikipedia: Dylan Matthews
Traces Of Hallucinogens, Other Banned Drugs Found In Meat Tests
Fluoride Fight: The Forced Drugging Of Society

Story #3: Desire Paths - The Illicit Trails That Defy The Urban Planners
Economics in One Image
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