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In a time of Hadron Colliders punching holes into other dimensions, AI and quantum computers creating life simulations, tele-presence killer robots owned by a search engine, and frequency modulation devices sending bad movies into deep space while manipulating the planetary life force, where do our hearts, minds and souls fit into this picture of the future?

What secrets are kept in ancient code and myth that come to us as space programs with ATLAS launching Apollo, The Columbia Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis, Merlin engines launching Falcons to release the Dragons? Even OSIRIS Rex has reached Bennu. Can we transform humanity using less than a massive pyramid structure to accelerate the activation of our pineal gland and find the Land of Milk and Honey?

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and expert witness who uses 17 years of evidence gathering and investigative experience to decipher a secret and complex world of coded messages and languages used by the chosen initiates who hold the key that unlocks the door of knowledge. Michael is also a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer and a code breaker of hidden knowledge and encoded secrecy.

Michael's new book 'The Ancient Code - A Serpent Fire' not only exposes thousands of years of biblical and ecclesiastical secrecy but it also joins the dots of the advanced knowledge of the ancients, deliberately concealed from us by the priesthoods and secret societies who have successfully managed to hide the truth of ourselves away from us by means of metaphors and allegories masked behind a world of secret codes and symbols.
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