Ken Rohla | What's Really Going On With 5G & How Does It Impact our Health! | Oct. 3, 2019


Today we had our good friend Ken Rohla from Fresh and Alive on the show to talk about electromagnetic field radiation aka EMF radiation.

We talked about what 5G is really going to be used for. Is 5G really designed so that we can download Netflix movies faster or is there a more sinister plan here?

What about dect phones or dirty electricity in your walls? What about ambient radiation coming from smart meter or your neighbor’s wireless routers?

Here’s something nobody is talking about…

Ask your doctor how the heavy metals in vaccines interact with 5G technology and watch his face go blank.

This technology is becoming ubiquitous. We can’t get rid of it. It’s everywhere.

There are mitigation strategies about how to protect yourself from wifi, emf and specifically 5G technology.

The frequencies being emitted is something that’s causing blood sugar imbalances, the inability for the skin to interact with the sun and endogenous subcutaneous cholesterol to create adequate vitamin d levels via photonic displacement.

Low vitamin d levels?

Ambient wireless frequencies might have something to do with it.

This is deeper than you ever imagined my friends.

We need to learn mitigation strategies if we want to regain our health.
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