Anthony Peake | Our Current Reality - Déjà vu: Have We Experienced THIS ALL Before? | April 22, 2020


Today’s guest, esteemed consciousness researcher and spiritual philosopher Anthony Peake is certainly no stranger to the high “strangeness” of reality. He’s made a life out of exploring the true nature of our cosmos with no limits and no boundaries.

In his latest book, The Hidden Universe - An Investigation into Non-Human Intelligences, he plunges the depths of reality in a way rarely approached.

And though this interview was scheduled based on the launch of this book (and a planned meet up at the 2020 Contact in the Desert - Now postponed)

…we couldn’t escape this new reality we’re all experiencing and how his hypothesis strangely relates.

What started out as a proper overview of Anthony Peake’s book “Hidden Universe” turned out to be anything but - BUT it was just what we all needed…a deep dive into how the “hidden” aspects of universe (and of self), may give a clue as to the why and how of what we are experiencing right now!

Ask yourself this…

Is there something about this new and UNFAMILIAR reality we’re living in that seems, paradoxically, FAMILIAR??
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