Tom Campbell | Fireside Chat, May 2020 | Part 1-3


Part 1

Part 1:
00:30 My pet dog died suddenly - Where is my dog now? Will it reeincarnate ?
08:00 Comprehending why death happens - It seems unfair - What is good in this challenge?
15:25 Teenage depression - Taking drugs does not feel like the right solution. How to proceed?
35:10 If you want to change who you are at the core - How can formulate a good intention for that?
46:10 Forgiveness and clearing relationships in a non-physical way
57:40 Apologizing to the LCS for making a really big mistake in life

Part 2

Part 2:
0:00:10 Choices with mixed results - Balancing personal choices with their effects on others
0:08:10 Is there such a thing as no-intent? What is the purpose or value of a no-intent approach?
0:16:00 How can we love ourselves more and build up a better self-esteem?
0:27:25 Why are some people underweight - How can they put on weight?
0:38:10 Dealing with embarassing moments from my past - How to overcome them?
0:47:50 How has Tom's sense of identity changed? What does Tom still identify with?
0:54:30 Too what extend is Tom still driven by human insticts?
1:01:45 How could we help a person with delayed sleep phase disorder

Part 3

Part 3:
00:10 Why do IUOCs choose to incarnate in de-evolving reality frames?
09:10 To what extend does consciousness evolution gained in one reality frame carry over to other reality frame
15:35 Conscious decision making process - making the right choices
20:50 Boosting spritual evolution from a nutrition perspective
27:30 Growth through intellectual assessment or through intent - What's more important?
35:25 When we start a new experience packet, do we bring actual specific fears with us or only the potential to develop fears?
38:00 Tom's experience with 2 non-physical workers foreseeing something about his life - Did Tom find out what they saw?
44:30 Covid-19 fear response - Manditory Corona virus vaccination - Should we say no?

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