Neil Kramer | The End of the Fourth Age


Original air date July 23, 2009–Neil Kramer from the Cleaver joins us to talk about The End of the Forth Age, Crop Circles, Sun activity, Paradox, Television & Manipulation, Paradox, Sorcery and much more. We begin to discuss the Audio Cleaver and Neil's upcoming talk at the Beyond Knowledge conference in Liverpool.

Topics Discussed: Neil's Excursions, Avebury, Crop Circles, Star maps, Devices, What's the message of the Glyphs? Sun Activity, Mayan and Aztec style Glyphs, Quetzalcoatl And The Galactic Jellyfish, Ancient Aliens, Sun as a Jump-gate, Are Glyphs made by Human or "Aliens" is on the deeper level unimportant, The Audio Cleaver, The Delivery of a Message, Neil's upcoming appearances in the UK, The End of the Fourth Age, Old World, Materialism, Blue Star Kachina, Stars, Seeds, The Hopi Prophecy Rock, Technological Path & Spiritual Path, Mayan Calendar end time debate, Toxic Human Presence, The Natural Process, The Kogi, The Changes, Personal Vibration, The Coming fifth Age, a Sixth Age and Seventh Age, The Nature of the Path we choose, Communication, Love, Permaculture, Don't watch TV, Stay Clear of the Mind Control, Healing, The Feminine Energy and much more. ~Red Ice Creations
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