Interesting Findings About "Implants"

Source: youtube user AlienScientist

Notes, Description by user AlienScientist:
Very Interesting Information (found in: The European Table of Frequency Allocations and Utilisation (pdf) (page 39):
Look at the "Notes"

Frequency Major Utilization Notes
14350 - 14990 kHz Defence systems
Wireless applications Active animal implantable devices
in Healthcare within the band 12500-20000 kHz

I also found a site (for the US) "
where I entered "14749 KHz". It will show what they are used for...try it.

Now, something interesting in the UK data. It says "UK11: ...for low power devices exempt from licensing..."....Low Power Devices (such as implants?). When you also look below, notice who the "Major User" is.

It also states inside the documents: "The UK Frequency Allocation Table, until recently a classified document"!!! There is a list of documents you can click on or download the zip file (link below).

UK Frequency Allocation Table

Major User: MoD.DTI.DAP

MoD Ministry of Defence
DTI Department of Trade and Industry (Radiocommunications Agency)
DAP Directorate of Airspace Policy

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