Dr. Nick Begich on the FreeTruth Show April 2011

Source: FreeTruth Show, earthpulse.com

Dr. Nick Begich and host Patrick Lynch attempting to break through all the lies and deception of the mass media which IS owned and controlled by the very elite that HAVE engineered this global financial take-down.

The truth is generally free and the truth needs to be freed. There is much dis-information out there. Go with your gut and look after your health. Say no to the vaccines. No to fluoride in your water. Switch off your tv. It is not for your entertainment or to provide real facts. It is to train you to be a slave for the new system of global governance.

Grow your own food if you can and/or buy organic. The drug companies do not care about your health and that is just the tip of the medical-mafia iceberg. more...Warn everyone you can about the chemtrails polluting the planet and damaging peoples health. The real war OF terror is a war against humanity itself. The new world order will NOT succeed but it must be resisted. If the nwo get their way it will mean complete control of every aspect of our lives. A 'planned society'. A scientific dictatorship. The super-rich elite families have divided and conquered nearly everyone. Do not be distracted by false left and right party systems.

The 'agenda' is the same. The game is up and they know it. That is why your freedoms are being trampled. You must stand up now and refuse to comply to the new world order. It has always been about eugenics and depopulation. That is the key to understanding why tyranny exists. Tyranny is allowed to flourish because good people do nothing. ~FreeTruth Show
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