Wendy Brown | “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs”, May 2, 2011

Source: theunexplained.tv, Wendy Brown

This time we feature author, Wendy Brown from Maine, USA – author of “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs.” She’s confronting an issue many of us may have to face – what to do if there’s a natural or man-made calamity and we have to fend for ourselves.

If you thought this issue won’t impact your life – ask the people of Japan after the recent tsunami, New Zealand after the earthquake or the Southern US States after late-April’s weather chaos… ~Howard Hughes

Wendy Brown is a suburban homesteader growing roots (both literally and figuratively) in Southern Maine. Until 2005 her family was living the American Dream, complete with credit card debt, car payments and two mortgages. Concerns about the environment, Peak Oil, and the economy combined with a growing desire to live a more self-sufficient life caused her and her family to reevaluate their lives. The result has been a transition from a completely dependent, consumerist lifestyle to one of living debt-free in a comfortable, more energy efficient home in a desirable location with a bountiful garden.

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