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Many significant changes are taking place on this Earth; politically, economically, financially, socially, physically, environmentally and even spiritually. The probability is very high that we will witness and experience significant changes in our life times and some of those changes may result in grave risk to life and property. We as a people have become so dependant on the systems and infrastructure created by corporations and political bodies that any disruption to those institutions will result in significant chaos, hunger and even death to many people. We are also witnessing a mass shift on consciousness around the world. As a result of that, we find people rejecting GMO food, pollution, state control, corporate greed, tyranny, war and a long list of other grievances that we find with the current corporatocracy of this world.

Here in Canada only 2% of the people are active farmers and producing food for everyone else. Of that 2%, the vast majority are corporate farms. The family farm is nearly extinct despite the Federal Governments 1967 task force on agriculture report that recognized the family farm as the most efficient way of producing food.

It is the intent of the stake holders in this project to develop a model of how people can re-establish the family farm off grid. This will require them to learn how to govern and provide for themselves, and others so that the dependency on the political and corporate organizations (grid) can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated resulting in reduced fixed and variable costs in operating the farm and producing prosperity and the most healthy food we can grow. The proposed model is founded on recognizing our dependency on the Creator and Mother Nature by re-establishing a healthy relationship with Nature, with our fellow brothers and sisters in a cooperative, prosperity model rather than a competitive, scarcity model. Life is all about relationships, so we want to build a model that establishes a strong relationship with Nature, utilizing old and new technology to accomplish that task. Once that model has been built, we intend on inviting people here to learn first hand how they can re-establish their relationship with Mother Nature, their food, their fellow man and start making changes in their own lives, through knowledge, peace, love, cooperation, hands on learning and sharing with one another. The intent is to teach people how they can be 100% responsible and accountable for their own lives in all regards.

Purpose Statement
The team will work together to contribute to the design and development of a sustainable, environmentally friendly, clean and viable off-grid farming and marketing model that can provide for multiple families and be duplicated throughout northern climates in the world and portions thereof throughout the entire world.

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