New World Next Week | Bad ACTA, Reactor Restart, Euro Banksters, July 5, 2012


Story #1: European Parliament Kills Global Anti-Piracy Accord
Related: Twitter Shares Info On Gov't Demands For User Data
Twitter Transparency Report
'Black Boxes' To Monitor All UK Internet, Phone Data
'Black box' Is Watching You! UK 'Online Spy Bill' Privacy Threat
Foreign Powers Will Be Allowed To Access Email, Phone Records

Story #2: Japan Restarts First Reactor Since Fukushima Crisis
Related: Japan's Energy Policy In Flux As Nuclear Restart Begins
Summer's Extreme Weather Is 'What Global Warming Looks Like'
Restoring Power In WV Poses Challenges

Story #3: Euro Bank Supervisor Faces Hurdles
Related: Barclays CEO Resigns - Scandal Links To Bank Of England
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