‪Sun Ejects Mystery Object 2012‬ | Stephen Hannard ADG (UK), July 4, 2012

Source: alien-disclosure-group-tv.ning.com, StephenHannardADGUK youtube

Not sure whether the ejected object is a natural occurrence or not, never seen that type of ejection before, looks kind of weird to me especially with UFOs watching. The object looks like it has a shape to it too, almost like a craft of some sort travelling at a colossal speed, and leaving a vapout trail. It cannot be a gas or plasma emission in my opinion. Just before the object leaves the Sun a funnel type phenomena is seen, and then the object seems to shoot out of it, possibly like a solar tunnel, or perhaps like a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. Any thoughts would be appreciated. -Stephen Hannard (ADG) UK

Comment James Horak: "Very good catch. When you hear people like Stan Friedman brag about never seeing a UFO, it is because they won't look up. Today people are not only looking up, they are looking closely at the sun where even more diverse "action" is taking place...as it has for eons." JCH
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