Pane Andov on VERITAS Radio | 2012 Equation Solved, Segment 1 of 3


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According to Pane Andov, sometimes it isn't what's being said by 'experts' and the media, It's what's not being said that is most important. For personal growth and survival, humans need to think AND feel. We need to read 'between the lines,' 'connect the dots' so they truly make sense with what we personally observe in our day-to-day lives, and take personal action on what we believe to be true.

As it's always been said, "Consider the Source," as any information may be true, mistaken, or 'dis'-information - deliberately mistaken or misguided, serving someone else's purpose that may not be in your best interest. Trust yourself to know your truth... and know that Truth IS often stranger than fiction!

Pane Andov theorizes there are two main reasons why the extraterrestrials are almost not delivering any more crop designs in the U.K. First it is too late and people did not understand their meaning after all these years, and second, people there disregarded them. Let us hope they will change their minds and deliver more.

Some of the topics discussed: Planetary Changes. Is there anything happening on the planet? Shift of the Magnetic Poles Other changes in our solar system. The slowing down of the Venus rotation is an example. Earth cracks, sink holes, mysterious sound booms worldwide, flooding, sinking of parts of the world and rising of new islands, tectonic plate movements -- Mid Atlantic Ridge and The Ring of fire, seismic activity both for artificial and natural origin The difference between the real crop circle phenomena (created by orbs of light) and the false ones (man-made) Crop circle messages regarding to what will happen at the ending of the cycle in 2012 Solar system changes in recent years (recent collapse of thermosphere, sun without sunspots for two years, loosing of the bow shock in our heliosphere, analysis of space discoveries by Chandra, Ibex, Fermi and Casini related to the Sgr A* outburst in distant past and its energetic pulse) Giant magnetic ribbon, its characteristics, movement, source of cosmic rays that affects our DNA and what will happen when it makes a physical contact with the Sun and rest of the planets in our solar system. The true purpose of underground bases and facilities. Mysterious object spotted next to our Sun Possible neutralizing of the full effect of the magnetic ribbon by highly ET race that is also present in our solar system and capable of controlling our star The spiritual aspect of this expected mega event, how things got to this stage and what happened in the ancient past. The ancient nuclear conflict between few highly developed civilizations. The ultimate secret behind genuine crop circles, the Flower of Life global Meditation as a solution to the equation. Chance for the evolution of human kind and regaining our true and original cosmic existence.
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