Incredible Solar Anomalies 2012, July 18, 2012

Source:, StephenHannardADGUK youtube

Some incredible unexplained objects seen in greater detail using various filtering techniques. I will be creating another video analysing some of these strange objects in greater detail shortly, including some I did not include in this video. The stills and raw footage i have, contain much more detail, mainly because as with any conversion to video some slight distortion and loss of definition is unavoidable.

Apart from running these clips through various filtering programs I have developed, and some editing, no other manipulation has been done, so believe, or don't believe what your seeing, I don't care either way.

Thanks to Mike (Blackwards1) for helping me find the missing frames to the heat signature object, thanks also to Anon (you know who you are) for sending me the full unedited UFO/Fibre clip, your help was much appreciated. ~Stephen Hannard

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