Dan Winter | Fractality and Consciousness, November 19, 2012

Source: itsrainmakingtime.com, goldenmean.info

As we seek a deeper understanding of consciousness itself, the line between science and spirituality begins to blur. Dan Winter harmonizes them in an awe-inspiring exploration of fractality, plasma science, and spiritually hygienic practices.

An electrical engineer by trade, Dan is a brilliant teacher in the areas of sacred geometry, feng shui, the science of consciousness, bioarchitecture, and biofeedback. We discuss bliss experiences and how they encode information to DNA through a process called implosion. From the benefits of agnihotra to the universality of the golden mean, this segment is packed with comprehensive wisdom for spiritual philosophers and scientists alike. Join us with Dan Winter as we plunge deep into the fractal fount of being. ~Kim Greenhouse
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