Dr. Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson speak to Freedom Central at The Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012

Source: freedomcentral.info, drjudywood.com, checktheevidence.com

The following clip is an conversation between ourselves, Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson, and was recorded at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference held in Hilversum, Holland, in November 2012.

After initially having Andrew Johnson join us on our radio show earlier this year to speak about what really happened 9/11, whilst taking a look at the evidence presented by Dr Judy Wood, we were delighted to finally meet Andrew and spend some time getting to know this honest and extremely intelligent English gentleman.

We were also delighted to spend some time with Dr. Judy Wood, who really schooled us in how to look at evidence, and to interpret what we see, and not what we are told to see. It was very refreshing to see someone not trying to be a martyr, but rather focusing on the evidence. Please check out the interview we did with Andrew Johnson in September 2012 on freedomcentral.info
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