Clifford Stone | Need To Know, October 8, 2013


Truth Connections welcomes Clifford Stone, a man who is highly respected in the UFO community as a person with high honor and integrity. Clifford Stone retired after 22 years of service as a Sergeant 1st Class from the U.S. ARMY.

He also held a Secret Clearance in Special Operations with Nuclear Assurity and performed UFO Crash Recovery missions as a first responder and helped to keep living ET's alive until medics arrived on the scene. He is also an ET Interface who was brought in to communicate with EBE's aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, telepathically that were being held by the U.S. as prisoners. Clifford still maintains communication with an ET called Korona. ( An artist rendition of Korona is featured in this show graphic, above. ) We will also discuss his paranormal abilities that began early on in childhood.

He participated in the 2001 National Press Club, Disclosure Project press conference going on the record that we had categorized at the time he left the military, that there were 57 types of ET races and that many of them were humanoid, could walk around and we couldn't tell the difference between them and human beings. He also proclaimed that he would state what he knew in a court of law, what he knows about the ET cover-up at that press club event, because the people had a right to know the truth.

His book titled 'Eyes Only: The Story of UFO and Crash Retrievals', is on sale at Amazon and all of the proceeds go right back to charity.

Clifford acquired a mountain of valuable 'top secret', 'need to know basis' information that we will uncover. He doesn't just talk about his experiences he can back them up with many millions of pages of documentation. We will discuss his experience in the military and many aspects of disclosure, space and why its important we approach these topics from a place of peace, enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness.
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