Robert Morningstar | Disclosures Part 2, OffPlanet Radio


Part 2 of the interview with Robert Morningstar is a wide-ranging discussion on many of the topics he will unfold, in detail, at the Secret Space Program Conference 2014 on June 28 and 29th in San Mateo, CA.
Show notes:
▪ Robert's phone router being repeatedly rebooted during the call
▪ Alien abductions: trade abductees for technology and knowledge; an alliance; UFO sovereignty in the skies: horizontal sovereignty vs. vertical sovereignty; control of grid points. Huge security risks, second-rate power ▪ Alien zoology and hierarchy; Greys: hybrid creatures of mantids and humans.
▪ Military and scientific presence in alien abductions; generational abductions
▪ Abductees and handlers; ET control of humans by telepathic manipulation
▪ Traditions of origins of languages from ETs; appearances of ETs specific to culture and development of humans (i.e.-ETs as angels)
▪ Chupakabras
▪ Human origins via Annunaki; manipulation since the time of Genesis; Cain half-reptilian; "The Mark of Cain"; neanderthal marker of caucasian races. The two matrilineal lines and "Lucy";
▪ Abductions following bloodlines by DNA; The Watchers and human manipulation produces hybrids (nephillim); The Book of Enoch chronicles the Fallen Angels interactions with the Edenic humans; Watchers loss of cosmic consciousness.
▪ The Messianic prophecies as redemption from the effects of the "fall" and angelic tampering.
▪ Genetic markers of abductees: Rh Negative blood; light eyes, fair-skinned, Celtic/Germanic origins.
▪ Mind control projects and connections to alien abductions; alien "sleeper cells". Bloodlines: native American (Cherokee)/Celtic/Sephardic; "sky people"....
▪ Tracking of human subjects by DNA; the hijacking of souls; nature of the soul (divine interface); ETs/Watchers
▪ (38:44) Encounters with Greys; experiences; fear as the means of abduction; Robert's own experiences.
▪ (42:00) Robert: paralysis, alien appearance while sleeping; mastering fear to overcome ET dominance;
▪ (44:51) Chris' recent encounter/ abduction attempt on Long Island, NY.
▪ Love and anger as emotional foils to ET abduction; the "trickster" aspect of alien contacts; the unreality-reality/dream state of alien contacts.
▪ (50:08) Robert: contact with "Montauk Monkey": three-horned Chupakabra.
▪ Media used to leak information about the alien presence
▪ The CIA plan to acclimate human consciousness to alien presence; 7X7: 7 phases of 7 years.
▪ Inter-dimensionalism, aliens, and ghosts: a technology from the other side of death: "super cold technology".
▪ Use of certain sounds and tones to trigger contacts; cymatics, 528 mHz. tunings, ancient solfeggio; astronaut reports of strange tones during lunar flights to far side of the moon.
▪ Apollo 10 cover-up of strange occurrences on the "dark side of the moon".
▪ William Torbit: details on JFK assassination and UFO cover-up; DISC (Defense Intelligence Corp.) (see "X Files"- "Deep Throat" and the "Smoking Man"....
▪ Crash retrieval and cover-ups to suppress alien technology to the public.
▪ Serpent worship, Angkor Wat, and military collusion with reptilians.
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