Hemi-Sync® Evolution by A.J. Honeycutt at the TMI Professional Seminar 2014

Source: monroeinstitute.org

A.J. Honeycutt, president of Monroe Products, describes advances in the Hemi-Sync technology that benefit the evolution of The Monroe Institute (TMI).

A.J. has been involved with The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products during the past several decades. A member of the Monroe family, much of his early life was impacted by the development of the Institute. He began serving as director of operations and Center manager in 1992. From 1999-2004 he was also vice president.

A.J. joined the Monroe Products staff as special projects manager in June of 2008 and was appointed president of Monroe Products in 2012. A.J. continues to lead Monroe Products toward fulfilling Bob Monroe's vision of offering "something of value for our contemporary culture." -monroeinsitute.org
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