James Horak on GroundZero Radio with Clyde Lewis | July 29, 2014

Source: groundzeromedia.org, emvsinfo.blogspot.com

A new talk show host with a new audience always means that James has to cover some basics that he has talked about in previous shows. Therefore for long time listeners its often more interesting what angle a new talk show host may take and what he can add with interesting questions or from his own knowledge base. Clyde Lewis performed very well and makes it enjoyable to listen and he came up with good evidence from the past and when he did I anxiously champed at the bit if he will make certain leaps. I am looking forward for another show with James and Clyde. - Shuny / OmetaOne

 The original show is provided on Soundcloud here, 'Doomsday Sunshine' w/ James Horak - July 29, 2014

Courtesy for publication permission, Clyde Lewis of groundzeromedia.org

Article 'DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE' by Clyde for this show

Here are the videos Clyde was talking about in the show with a sphere from July 21, 2014:

  black sphere near the sun01

black sphere near the sun02

Two EMVs absorbing Energy AIA 171 | Oct-30-2012 video by OmetaOne

EMVs protecting Venus, 2007 and 2011, video by OmetaOne

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