James Horak & Mheiread MacDonald on Exopolitics Ohio with Mark Snider | Aug. 8, 2014

Source: Ohio Exopolitics, emvsinfo.blogspot.com, Information Machine

This is a broadcast that was carried over from a private conversation to a radio show because Mark was so intrigued by the topics and information discussed that he wanted everyone to hear what Fukushima and the other aspects of this ongoing and upcoming world-wide crisis have in store for us and what their background is.

Mark also got answers to questions that no one on this planet is able to answer except for James and some to questions of a more private nature no one has asked James before. This is certainly the stuff that is blowing the lid off of someone like Clyde Lewis - so enjoy the show. -emvsinfo.blogspot.com

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics
Mhairead McDonald’s website: selkiedreams
Courtesy for title-artwork: Information Machine
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