New World Next Week | Will Oregon Label GMOs? | Oct. 30, 2014


Story #1: Oregon's GMO Labeling Campaign Breaks Spending Record
With Less Than a Week, GMO Labeling Trails By Six Points in Oregon Measure 92 Poll
Ballotpedia: Oregon Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative, Measure 92
Audio: Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich Speak Out at Oregon's Yes On 92 Rally

Story 2: Tesco, Largest UK Supermarket, Makes 92% Drop in Profits As Criminal Case Opens
NWNW Flashback: Horse Meat Found In Yet More Frozen Dinners (February 2013)

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek: After Queen's First Tweet as @BritishMonarchy, Reply Telling Her Majesty to 'F*** Off' is Broadcast Live on BBC News
Stupor Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Promotes Peace as Opposed to War
Flashback: Seahawks Coach Peppered 4-Star General With 9/11 "Conspiracy" Questions (June 2013)
Russell Brand Admits He's 'Open Minded' to 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
BBC Youth Radio Channel Goes Utter Troll-Mode Due to Russell Brand's 9/11 Views
NWNW Flashback: Russell Brand-wagon (October 2013)
Frank Serpico, Famous Ex-Cop, Says The Police Are Out Of Control
Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Says Media Covers for Obama Administration

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Total CEO Crash Investigators Say Teetotal Snowplow Driver "Drunk"
Saudi Arabia Surprises Market With Supply Cut Announcement, Oil Jumps
New North Sea Oil Field Conveniently Discovered After Scottish Referendum
MH17 Prosecutor Open to Theory of Other Plane Shooting Down Airliner
Scientists Identify Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment
Liberian Scientist: US Responsible for Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
Obama: Ebola a "Trial Run" For a Deadlier Airborne Disease
Defiant "Ebola" Nurse Kaci Hickox Works for the CDC
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