Zen Gardner | Staying Sane In An INSANE World | FarOutRadio | Oct. 24, 2014

Source: FarOutRadio.com, ZenGardner.com

Zen Gardner is back with us for another visit, a check-up, from the neck up, as well as taking our heart temperature. He’s a deep thinker and his thoughtful articles are aggregated all around the net because he is WIDE AWAKE and delivers from the Heart.

I’ve recently become aware of a relatively new term being bantered about on talk radio. The term is “Fear Porn.” And a lot of people LOVE IT. But I promise you that it leads to burnout. So if you’ve taken The Red Pill, to use a movie metaphor, do you ever have times when you REALLY WISH YOU HADN’T?

But you did, now what? How do you walk the edge, not fall, and get sliced in half? How do you maintain your balance so that you are AWAKE and AWARE, and at the same time not get consumed by the hot fires?

Well, one place to start is from a quiet mind and an open heart. BOTH are needed. I have my unique ways that are suited for me, and Zen Gardner is with us to share how he keeps it together in this insane world. -FarOutRadio.com
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