Peter Levenda | Alien Seance | Hour 1 | Freeman TV


This show is about the connections between UFOs, mind control and the occult. Was John F. Kennedy’s assassination a result of extraterrestrial communication? Peter Levenda will discuss the magical current that is known as the Typhonian Tradition. Strap on your Transplutonian helmets my friends, this one is going interstellar!

As I dug into Levenda’s book, The Dark Lord, I knew we needed to talk. My life seems to be connected to this story in some strange way. As I read on, I knew Peter needed to see Aliens From Hell. The Trilogy of Typhon by Kenneth Grant explains the magical meaning of 9/11 and shows that OX is the Mark of the Beast. Not to mention a curious correlation between Aliester Crowley and Cthulhu Master H.P. Lovecraft which is the point of Peter’s book.

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