Steven John Miller | DHS-Google Insiders on US Catastrophic Events | OffPlanet Radio | March 23, 2015


Steven John Miller reports on information being leaked from insiders at Google and DHS/FEMA regarding strategic planning for events inside the continental United States. The sources quoted here are confirmed, but for obvious reasons they cannot, at this time, put their voices and identities into the public domain. It should now be perfectly clear that corporations, like Google (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook…) are ALL privy to “government” plans on levels unimagined by the populous.

Events that are being planned include: collapse of the US economy (actually in free fall since 2008); an event, either natural and predicted, or created via tech like HAARP, around the New Madrid Fault; potential US coastal events, and the inevitable dissolution on the US as we know it, with regionalization potentially under appointed “governors” (FEMA’s 10 regions). Also intel that WWIII is “off”…not fear porn, but information to help you decide how to plan for the next 6 months.
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