Crrow777 | Moon Mysteries | The Hundredth Monkey Radio | April 3, 2015

Source:, Crrow777 youtube

Crrow777 holds a degree in Internet Technology. Having worked in the digital field since the 90’s, Crrow has now made the commitment to pursue his passion, ufology, lunar anomaly and space anomaly research. This is a far cry from his service as a U.S. Marine during the first gulf war. Upon separation from the military spent 10 years as a roady (stage hand) working for some of the most well known music acts on the planet. In 1995 Crrow purchased the 8” robotic telescope that began his research. He recalls seeing the moons of Jupiter for the first time through this telescope – at which point he was hooked. His fascination with the unknown has never diminished.

- Fast forward to the super moon of May 2012. On this night, Crrow had gathered with family to view the moon’s closest approach to Earth for the year. It was this occasion that ended up changing everything. That night Crrow and family members witnessed “black triangles” transiting the full moon through his 8” telescope using a 26mm eyepiece. This went on for hours and culminated in the observation of 5-7 of the objects in formation. Following the night of the super moon in 2012, Crrow purchased the equipment needed to couple his camera with his telescope. He has been filming astounding HD footage ever since.

Crrow is currently best known for his hi-def videos of space based UFO’s, chemtrail UFO’S and most notably, the first and best capture of what he calls the “Lunar Wave”, which may be a façade or projection covering the moon which may hide a secret. He has filmed this event 5 times to date with another 7 recorded from other videographers. Crrow is currently working to inform the public of his findings and has stated that with the right equipment, he could change the world in a year.
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