Dr. Joseph Mercola | How Prolonged Sitting Kills You, Effortless Healing & GMO Labeling Initiative | Hour 1 | April 6, 2015

Source: redicecreations.com, mercola.com

April 6, 2015–Dr. Joseph Mercola is a licensed osteopathic and board-certified family medicine doctor who believes that natural “whole person” treatment is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He aims to transform the medical paradigm to improve people’s quality of life. His official website, Mercola.com, contains thousands of natural health articles and proven, holistic recommendations.

Dr. Mercola is also the author of two best selling books, and he is with us to discuss his latest publication, Effortless Healing: 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself. Our conversation begins with a look at the conventional, pharmaceutical based medical philosophy driven by sophisticated claims and big profits.

Dr. Mercola explains how he got started in the Health Liberty Initiative, an organization dedicated to promoting the removal of fluoride from water and mercury from dental work, as well as spreading awareness about the dangers of vaccines and more. Mercola talks about the hazards of excess sitting, the benefits of intermittent, high-intensity cardiovascular and strength training, and approaches to wellness that replicate our ancestral patterns.

He details the causes of insulin resistance, the primary factor in many illnesses, and provides dietary guidelines for resolving this widespread epidemic. Then, we consider veganism, the benefits of animal and vegetable fats, and the right amount of protein in a healthy diet. Further, we deconstruct how key opinion leaders in healthcare are influenced by big pharma investments, along with the money trail of the vaccine industry. -redicecreations.com

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