Zen Gardner | World War III, It’s Not What You Think It Is, Might Already Here, Without All The Noise | Far Out Radio | April 6, 2015

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Zen Gardner is back with us for another visit, a check-up, from the neck up, as well as taking our heart temperature. It’s been a busy winter and spring and we haven’t spent an hour with Zen since last January! So, we’re over due.

Zen’s website, ZenGardner.com is a Grand Central Station of high-minded ideas and concepts. You can find Zen’s work there, as well as the work of many other fine, thoughtful, deep thinkers that CARE about where the planet is headed and what we are becoming.

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As long as I can remember people have been saying that we’re “Going to Hell in a hand basket.” I was considering this today when gathering my thoughts for this evening’s conversation with Zen that the idea of WW III has been in my consciousness since October 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember that people were REALLY SCARED!

And the specter of WW III has been a part of our cultural conversation, as if it’s just a foregone conclusion that this WILL happen. Ahhh… Say’s who?! We’ve all just kind of got used to it.

Yes, there are Dark Forces out there and people such as Zen Gardner and myself have thoroughly educated ourselves to recognize, WHAT IS. But perhaps because we both studied Spirituality first and are totally grounded in the knowing that Love is the most powerful Force in the Universe, it helps us to be able to look into the face of Darkness and say, “You’ll NEVER WIN!”

And that is because, part of our family’s mission (I’m referring to larger family that Zen and I and many of you listening belong to) is to be a constant source of reality, grounded on the inherent goodness of the Human spirit.

Yes, there are more of us Good People; the Kind hearts of the world, than there are the Dark ones. That’s why we bring awareness, not only of what the Lost Souls are doing, but also the efforts of the Creative Souls. Those that live from a place of Enthusiasm.

You know, the word, “Enthusiasm” comes from the word Ethos” which means, “God Spirit Within.”
So, if you want to experience some “God Spirit,” get enthusiastic!

That’s the good stuff of life.

We have several topics to cover. The Fear Pornographers have been very loud lately. But perhaps WW III isn’t what we think it is with big mechanized militaries.

It is my sense that WW III is far more subtle and may well have been upon us for some time, we’re just not recognizing it. But the good news is that there are many ways we can subvert it. -FarOutRadio.com
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