Nick Redfern | Alien Files, the Real Men in Black, ET's, Greys, Reptilians, UFO's, Implants | Part 1-8

Source: Leak Project youtube,,

Nick breaks down multiple subjects with great clarity. Cryptozoology, UFO,s ETs, Interdimensionals, Recently Declassified files, Black Helicopters, Secret Government, Men in Black, Paranormal activity, etc… Area 51 and other Top Secret Black Sites.

Eye witness accounts of multiple ET’s and UFO’s. Multiple Accounts of Shape Shifting Reptilians from credible sources. How Giant Pyramids and other amazing Superstructures were built thousands of years ago using levitation with sound waves.

Hidden Science and technology hidden within legends, fairy tales and folklore. Demonic UFO’s and the Afterlife. A well funded secret group within the system Called the Collins Elite, concluded ET’s are actually demons sent to deceive man and the Earth is like a farm to harvest energy from the Soul when people die. -Leak Project
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