Peter Levenda | Hitlers Ratline & the Nazi Cult in Diaspora | Part 1-2 | Nov. 24, 2015


Part 1
Now that forensic science has debunked "Hitlers scull", what evidence remains that the Führer suicided in the bunker? Is there evidence to the contrary? Peter Levenda joins us again, to account for Hitlers ratline and the wild circumstances at the end of the war, exploited by Bormanns fleeing hordes... and we learn about a conspiracy theory that British intelligence is run by satanists!

Part 2
So where did Hitlers & Brauns ratline lead? Did they live in Argentina all their postwar life or could they have ended up in Indonesia? Did they live unto the 1970ies? And just who was Georg Anton & Hella Poch? Peter Levenda guides us through the rest of this huge story, with updates emerging from after his book was published, and we learn how the postwar nazi network was connected to Sukarno & Suharto, and the missing Nazi Gold... plus a briefing on his latest book on Thomas Vaughan, revealing that Alchemy can be decoded with Tantric & Taoistic source!
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