Rick Simpson | Run From the Cure - Cannabis Cures Cancer! | Anarchast | Nov. 26, 2015

Source: anarchast.com, phoenixtears.ca

Jeff interviews medicinal cannabis stalwart Rick Simpson, topics include:

 - Standing up and telling the truth and doing what is right
- Cannabis doing much more for people than any and all pharmaceutical products
- Amazing benefits, the refusal to prescribe cannabis
- External application of cannabis oil to treat skin cancer
- Massive resistance in the medical industry
- Medical industry profoundly corrupt
- Canadian legalization designed to allow corporate exploitation
- Constant police raids
- Expatriation and telling the world
- Cannabinoids set to transform medicine
- Best to grow your own and take responsibility for your own healing
- People using the Rick Simpson name to peddle dubious products
- The horror of chemotherapy
- Tens of thousands healed with cannabis
- It is break the law or die!
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