Dr. Eric Karlstrom | Demystifying the Climate Change Deception | Dec. 23, 2015

Source: pineconeutopia youtube

From his home office in Crestone-Baca, Colorado, the epicenter of the convergence of the New Age agenda and the Climate Change hoax, WBB talks to Dr. Eric Karlstrom, an ex-academician now dedicated to waking the public to the ominous dangers presented by the conflagration of these two deceptions.

Learn how the climate hoaxers disregarded mountains of research done in the 20th century to superimpose the manmade global warming hoax onto world consciousness.

In this fast moving and content laden interview Eric traces the origins of the New Age movement and manmade climate change and how they have become the false (although official) reality for a great number of the population. Eric correctly identifies the hoaxers (enemies of humanity) and delivers much of the basic knowledge that we need to have to stand against them.
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