Zen Gardner | You Are the Awakening! | Anarchast | Dec. 20, 2015

Source: anarchast.com, zengardner.com

Jeff interviews philosopher Zen Gardner, topics include:

Zen's book, 'You are the Awakening'
Facilitating the process of awakening
Forming real communities with like minded others
You are not alone in this, the assault of Max Egan
Getting out of the North, what is the price of our civilization?
Ken O'Keefe banned from Australia
Government shifting focus from ISIS to internal threats
We no longer have freedom of speech, we are way past the Orwellian stage
False flag events
Coming censorship of independent media
The role of psychedelics in unplugging from the matrix
The modern demonization of drugs
Healing via Kambo,
Iboga, and approaching these substances with great care and respect
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