Steven Greer | UFOs and the Deep National Security State | Nov. 21, 2015


This 4 hour workshop will include:
- How is secrecy maintained through the hybrid of corporate and government programs?
- Which military bases and facilities and which corporations are involved?
- How is black-budget and criminal activity funding these operations?
- The Connection between the financial system, UFO technology, drug-running and covert military airspace and bases
- Where are the key Underground Bases (UGBs) and how are they connected via subterranean tunnels?
- Who has been involved in managing this secrecy and how is that entity (MAJIC) controlled and operated?
- How do Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) operate and how are they kept secret from the people, the President and Congress?
- The History of UFO secrecy since WW II and how it has devolved into its own illegal trans-national cartel.
- See explosive documents on secrecy, how human military controlled "Abductions" are "stage-crafted" and what is the agenda for this Deception.
- What is the future agenda for the cartel managing UFO secrecy-and how you need to prepare for this future!
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