Max Igan | The Full Circle Project | Anarchast | Jan. 20, 2016


Jeff interviews Australian freedom fighter Max Igan, topics include:

- Max's recent politically motivated assault in Australia
- Israel's open war crimes in Palestine
- Max was deliberately targeted for speaking out
- Paid pro Israeli propaganda agents
- The anti-semitic smoke screen
- The geopolitics of the region
- Planned destabilization in the middle east
- False Jews are in charge of Israel
- Mandatory vaccination in Australia
- Government itself is a threat to national security
- The labeling of protesters as anti-government extremists
- This year 2016 people need to stand up and speak to power
- The Full Circle Project and support groups
- The logical fallacies of the statist
- Using the system against itself
- Debt slavery
- Kilary Clinton
- Ayahuasca and Anarchapulco!
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