Robert Otey | Free Energy For Liberty | Freeman TV | Jan. 17, 2016


Seeking liberty is an active current in our cosmos. Is it a Universal Law? Free energy exists and needs to be shown to the world!

Robert Otey has spent the past 25 years doing deep level research into alternative Cosmology. He has discovered a wealth of suppressed information which contradicts and debunks the seriously flawed theoretical gravitation based Cosmogony taught in academia.

Robert's work proves this is in fact an Electric Universe based upon the foundations of Sacred Geometry. Meaning the gravity based, Big Bang, entropy, heat death Universe invented by academic atheists, which came from nothing only to return to nothing, is provably false.

Background: Cosmologist, Guitarist/Singer, Song Writer, Music Producer, Studio Engineer, Video Producer, Sacred Geometry Artist, Russellian Science Teacher, Apiarist, Horticulturist, Outdoorsmen, Schauberger Environmentalist and Water Researcher, Master Gardener.
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