Clif High | Latest 2016 Alta Report Predictions | Planet X Hysteria - Bank Holiday - Megaquakes | April 28, 2016


Topics of Discussion
2016 Webbot Alta Report Predictions
The Electronic Universe & Archetype of our Solar System
Nibiru aka Planet X being used as a "Wag the Dog" Diversion tactic by the media
Weather - Most Extreme Heat Spells in Human History
Ocean Changes and Giant Tidal Waves
Entering Ice Age
Change in Wind Directions
Mass Casualties and Damage to Boats
Could effect people up to 1000 miles inland
Pop Corn Storms SE North America
Flooding as far as the Mississippi River Valley
Enormous Lightning Storms
Global Forset Fires
New types of UV Light
Many people could be dealing with the daily drama and death of the global economies
Others will have to deal with problems directly attributed with planetary expansions
Extreme Heat / Hospitalizations
Yemen Arabia War “emergence upheaval”
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