The Ghosts in the Machines | Level9News | April 28, 2016


Facial Recognition Technology Is Secretly Tracking You, Everywhere – Huffington Post
Ultra Sound Tracking Beacons
Weaponized Ultrasonic Devices
How TV Ads Silently Ping Commands To Phones: Sneaky SilverPush Code Reverse Engineered – The Register
Your Smart” TV is Spying on You
Vizio TVs Collecting Data On You
Your Phone Is Literally Listening to Your TV
Technology That Uses Inaudible Sound To Track You
Face-Six - About
Face 6 Facial Recognition
Face First Advanced Facial Recognition Technology
Face First Partnership with Law Enforcement
Face-Six Uses Machine Learning Pattern Recognition in Advanced Facial Recognition Technology
Ditto – David Rose, CEO
Ditto Labs
New High Tech Police Surviellence
AT&T Acquires Carrier IQ
Carrier IQ SnoopWare
US Using Planes Equipped With Dirt Boxes to Spy on Your Cell Phones
Dirt Boxes – Hacker News
For Sale: Systems That Secretly Track you Around the Globe
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